Tuesday, April 2, 2013

O My Goodness

O My Goodness

We bought a Car it looks like this.....

We have an offer excepted and we are working through the steps of buying a home that looks like this....

It's a pretty stella house and has some pretty upgrades. It's in Clarkston, UT. It's about a 30 min drive from Thomas's work but we love everything about it and it feels like a really nice place to call home. The population is 600. That's less then my high school graduation class. But again it just fits.

We are doing this again and it looks like this....
That is a crazy fish it you didn't know. We are doing Baby Animal Days this weekend and I'm so excited/ terrified/ going crazy over it. But we are really looking forward to and it and hope it goes super well.

I have been working hard in my ballet class and I have a recital tomorrow. I have to tell my self with confidence that I will do amazing and that it will go so well. Negative thinking has got me no where in the past

We love this Kiddo Alot!! He is the reason we do all these crazy things!!


  1. WAHOOOOOOOO! I can't believe all of this goodness! Congrats on everything and good luck on your dance. Love you!

  2. Hey, you're alive! ;) I've been thinking a lot about you guys and I'm so glad to see that so many things are working out for you! I would KILL to live in a small town, but Mike would never do it. :)

  3. YAY! a new house and car! That is happy news, indeed! I'm excited for you! Good luck with ballet!

  4. A house and a car!! I am so jealous! How exciting!!

  5. Yay! Sounds like a lot of exciting stuff for you guys! Just found your blog, can't wait to see what else you guys are up to! :) Happy Thursday pretty girl!

    xoxo Jamie


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