Friday, July 9, 2010


Thomas Master Project (haha, besides our house)

(Our Garden - that not all, it's just what i could fit in the picture)

Asher Sleeping in his high chair (with a cookie!!! - he was tired)

(My baby - WALKING)

You can all thank Jess Hall for me posting tonight. I promised her I would (she was also faithful in posting herself) and I keep my promises!

ASHER IS WALKING :D He is getting really good at it to! I can hardly believe he is turning one on Friday. It's quiet incredible that I have been a mother for a whole year. Although I have doubted myself on hard days - I couldn't be more honored for the amazing privilege I have been given to love and adore the cutest little boy in the world (I'm not biased, it's plainly the truth). We are hanging onto life, Thomas hasn't been able to find a job all summer and we are grateful for the people who have given him small side jobs. With his spare time Thomas is starting a shed (all wood he found for free) and we planted a garden (a BIG one)!! I am almost done with my summer semester (thank goodness) and our mobile home is coming together