Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deepness and Strength

You know those days when you have so many things running through your head and you just don't know what to do with all of them. Well I've had a couple of those days in a row.

1. I love days when you have a good glace at how amazing life really is. We only get to be on this earth for one lifetime. It's amazing the things that change in your mind when you hear about a tragedy on the news, watch a turning movie, or somebody does something extremely amazing and it inspires you.

2. I love the feeling when life is really hard and you only have a sliver of a light at the end of the long tunnel but you have enough stranght to honestly feel like everything will work out incredibly.

3. I love days when i relize how spoiled i was growing up. Someday I miss the days when my parents took care of my every need and my worries were over what kind of cookies to make. There is such a good feeling in my heart when i know that i will be able to do great things for my children.

4. I get overwhelmed with love in my heart when i think of my savior and those up in heaven who watch over me. I am me and I am blessed immeasurably. I love those days when you can serve others and know you made a difference.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I honestly love school. Is that crazy, to some it might be. Once I had Asher it was no longer really a "have to" but a "privilege". Thomas is really an angel and works with my schedule without any complaint. I love his stink-en gutts. I also really enjoy my classes. I'm talking 14 credit right now, more then i have ever taken since i've had Asher and it's surprisingly been the easiest semester so far. Here is the rundown

Absue and Neglect - It's really sad and i've cried a couple times but all the information is more then intriging
Infancy and Childhood Development - The teacher is a sweetheart and i love leaning about infants
Infant Lab - This is the funnest thing ever, The Lab is so incredible!!! The school and parents around are really blesses to have such an amazing laboratory here at USU
Food Technology and Health - I get overwhelmed with all the new information but it's all pretty fascinating   Families and Cultural diversity - This class is hard for me becasue it's broadcast, I'm the only student at USU and it's 2 1/2 hours. I usually find myself stressing over something during it. It's laid back and the topics are fun though.  

Modern Dance - I miss Snow Colleges dance program, I feel bad that as big as USU is they dont have a dance program. It's really fun and relaxing but just not the same as Snow.

Thomas classes are going good to, he has a hard time with school but I'm proud for him for all the work he does. He is my hero. I Do my practicum and Graduate Summer 2011 if everything goes as planned. Wish  us luck :D     

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flying High

My dad took Thomas Asher and I flying. We started out in South Jordan and flew all the way to Logan. We saw Utah State University and even our mobile home park. Once we got up in the air Asher went straight to sleep. It was so much fun! I love my dad so much.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Mommy

My mom is an incredible person. It wouldn't be possible to write a post that could decribe how amazing she is because it would take a lifetime to write everything. But i do have the time to write a few of the reasons i am so proud to call her my mommy.

1. I love my mom because she is kind, giving, compassionate and aware of others. She doesn't judge and she's respectful of others feelings and needs.
2. I love my mom because she is PROUD to be called grandma. Shes proud of her beautiful gray hair and she doesn't let the worlds view of becoming older a bad thing but a truly amazing blessing. She is an amazing grandma and her grandchildren are all so blessed to have her.
3. I love my mom because she doesn't complain but is always striving to become a better person, never having to bring down herself or others to make herself feel better.
4.I love my mom because she is always there for me. She listens when i have a bad day. When she gives advice I love that she wont be offend if i disagree. She doesn't try to solve my problems but helps me remember who i am so i have strength to solve me own problems.
5. I love my mom because she supports me and makes me feel proud of myself. Whats better then somebody who makes you feel better about yourself. 
6. Last and defiantly not even the bit of a degree to the least, I love my mom becasue she chose to marry by daddy who would then take another lifetime to explain how amazing he is to :D

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I couldn't be more eternally grateful to Lord who gave me an incredible mommy and daddy. I know they aren't perfect but they are the best.