Saturday, August 9, 2014

Loving Life

We have just being loving life. It has it's hard times for sure. How else is the world would we be able to appreciate the beauty of things? We moved into the cutest little house. Still Renting of course. I ran a Marathon and then a half marathon and will run another half in September. Thomas is the scout master, loves taking us camping and fishing. But lets be honest he takes Asher fishing and camping and me when they can talk me into it. I just got called as the activity days coordinator and loving it. We are both working hard at our jobs and Asher is staying home this year from kindergarten. No real reason except that I want my sweet baby home one more year. He is the sweetest little cute bug you ever could meet. Christy Brown is one of the sweetest lady's and a beautiful person inside and out.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome 2014!!

2013 has brought us many joys as well as some not so joyous trials. But I'm so grateful for my sweet little family. They bring me so much happiness it's quiet undecidable. 

Asher is the biggest heart-throb. This summer he did a lot of fishing, camping and hunting with his dad. Asher is a true born son of his dad! Good thing or I don't know what either of them would do. Thomas drew out a special elk permit that ended up being not so special when we spend a lot of money preparing and hunting and came out with nothing. Sometimes you just have to learn and grow the hard way. 

I've got into running and Zumba. I run a 10 - 13 miler every Friday with some ladies in my ward and try to run a couple 4-5 milers during the week. I haven't ran any races yet but that's one of my goals this year. I'll be staring another job soon as a running human tester at Thomas's work. I'll pretty much get paid to run on treadmills. 

I'm working at All About Kids again and have learned to love the struggle of working in daycare. It's so rewarding yet so hard. It's really nice to pick my hours, have Asher come with me and I've always worked with exceptional teachers and staff. It makes the hard days good. 

I'm in love with my Honda Fit but we ended up not buying the house at the last minute when things just didn't feel right (darn spirit). Sometimes when I'm feeling like i'll be stuck in this stage of life forever. I remember how blessed I am with my amazing ward and my super adorable/ cozy apartment. 

One of the biggest trials we experienced this year was going on 3 years of not being able to get pregnant. I want another baby. Asher would be such a great brother it makes me all emotional every time I think about it. It's like we are stuck in this weird stage where we have insurance but it still costs a lot to go see any doctors/ specialists and it's defiantly doesn't cover any infertility treatments. As we are trying to pay off student loans because both Thomas and I graduated in less then desirable paying majors it all makes its frustrating. I just sit and wonder whats the problem. I do have my first appointment in a couple weeks and hopefully it will get us flying in the right direction. O well, what can I do. It's amazing that I truly feel that if in some freak way that Asher was our only one that I would be fine because I just love him that much. Its so crazy the number of couples who would die just to have one. Then sometimes the only people I ever feel surrounded by are people just thinking about popping out #3. Sometimes I feel like I was so young and dumb that I didn't cherish those baby days and I long for them again. So the amazing thing about this being a trial is that I have been able to cherish everyday and live with no regrets.

Thanksgiving was so much fun. The food was incredible and so was the company. 

We eat at Texas Roadhouse for Christmas Eve and had the time of our lives spending time together on Christmas day. News Years was a blast and I've made some really great goals. I'm going to be working two jobs and kind of feeling nervous that i'll be jumping all over the place and working really close to full-time. But it's only from Jan to the end of the school semester so we are going to be able to make some good progress in the financial world. Boo-Ya to 2014 I'm going to kick some... Butt!! Haha

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mountains to Climb

Sister Diederich blog is the sweetest blog ever. I feel especially connected because she served with my brother-in-law Elder Lyon in Leipzig. O boy I miss him plenty. Today she posted this video and I totally lost it. It's exactly what I needed today. 

Blog Link: 

Thank you Sister Diederich!! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

O My Goodness

O My Goodness

We bought a Car it looks like this.....

We have an offer excepted and we are working through the steps of buying a home that looks like this....

It's a pretty stella house and has some pretty upgrades. It's in Clarkston, UT. It's about a 30 min drive from Thomas's work but we love everything about it and it feels like a really nice place to call home. The population is 600. That's less then my high school graduation class. But again it just fits.

We are doing this again and it looks like this....
That is a crazy fish it you didn't know. We are doing Baby Animal Days this weekend and I'm so excited/ terrified/ going crazy over it. But we are really looking forward to and it and hope it goes super well.

I have been working hard in my ballet class and I have a recital tomorrow. I have to tell my self with confidence that I will do amazing and that it will go so well. Negative thinking has got me no where in the past

We love this Kiddo Alot!! He is the reason we do all these crazy things!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Lately in 6 bullets

It's been awhile since I have posted. Sometimes I read all the blogs I follow and love and it's takes so much time that I forget I have my own blog. To say the least it has been an incredibly eventful couple months both delightful and draining. So...

1. Thomas got a job at ICON health and fitness as an electrical tech!!! And yes he did get his degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. And yes he does want to become an author. He promised me a super expensive dinner for the first book he gets published. I'm thinking about renaming my blog to, "The wife of an English Major, creative writing emphasis." I bet I'd be one of a kind. If not maybe It would feel good to know i'm not one of a kind.

2. We looked for a house to buy and we found this incredible one in Hyrum and our offer was not excepted. Then we found one in Logan and the same thing happened. They were both foreclosures so I felt like we had to wait weeks on both. We got kind of burnt out quickly because of budget is to small for our expectations. We are just going to have to be patient.

3. I quit my job at All About Kids. I knew I wanted to quit after I was done being a sub for a girl on maternity leave but it took an absolute terrible day with Asher being badly sick and me not being able to get off work. It pushed me over the edge and I was done. I didn't feel like putting my job before my family was something I was ever willing to do again.

4. I've learned to make some dang good bread. It's my sister's recipe and i'm getting it down pretty good. My house feels weird because i'm able to keep it clean. O ya and I actually cook something for dinner ever night. Asher and I have had a blast doing fun things together around our community. It's honestly hard to be a stay at home mom. I want to cry because I sometimes feel useless and board. But in my heart I know that I've tried and I don't want to be anywhere else but at home with my sweet boy.

5. I feel like something is missing. Most likely because there is. It could be a million things but gosh I want me another baby. It's been 21 months. That's almost 2 years. I've been to the doctor's. I tried a million and one things. I've read books. I've thought outside the box and done weird things. I've cried. I've read other's stories. I've told myself that if I wasn't ever able to get pregnant that I would be honestly happy because Asher is my pride and joy. It's still hard though. It's always hard to not get what you want. So we are hopeful    

6. Life is good! Asher is a stinking cutie. He is so sweet. He is so aware of me and my feelings. He is so creative and he does things that blow my mind because I don't think 3 year old's could be so smart and aware. He has a sense of humor that is so hilarious. Yesterday were threw around a pair of pants because we couldn't find a ball. We then chased each other around the house with a toy he thinks is scary. Gosh I love the little boy to pieces. And he knows it :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Big 23!

I can't believe I'm 23! I feel like i'm in the prime time of life. I'm loving evey second of my days. I love my family and the blessing that the gospel brings to my life. Here are some highlights of the best Birthday to this day! 

We went an caught salamanders in a little pond up Logan Canyon 

My sisters came and had cake and ice cream! 

Best toenail polish ever! Go L'Oreal Paris!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girls Day Photo Shoot

I had a lot of fun dressing up and doing this shoot with Stephanie Hyde. She has so much talent and I love her to pieces. Thanks so much Steph!