Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girls Day Photo Shoot

I had a lot of fun dressing up and doing this shoot with Stephanie Hyde. She has so much talent and I love her to pieces. Thanks so much Steph!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Graduation Class of 2012

Thomas and I graduated together this past Saturday. It was a really surreal feeling. As I was walking up to get my half diploma I was overcome with emotion because we had put so much faith, time, energy and money into our degree's. I saw Asher and all our family in the stands and I was almost in tears. I did finish my classes in December but walking across the stage for some weird reason just made me feel awesome. I'm so grateful for everyone who came and supported us.  I'm glad we choose to do the whole ceremony thing. Thomas wants to become an author but in the mean while we are still brainstorming to see what he wants to do, so we can get in the position to where he can take care of our needs enough to start writing. Asher and I are still enjoying our job and we are excited for the summer.