Sunday, August 29, 2010

LoVinG LiFe

I love life becasue it is filled with so many incredible things A few i would love to note:

1. My religion - It brings me comfort and light
2. My family - My intermediate and extended, they bring me joy and happiness. I am so proud to call them mine. They impress me with their kindness, achievements and service everyday
3. Asher right after a bath - He is clean and smells perfect
4. School - I cant even begin to explain how blessed i am to finish my education. I'm so greatful for my husband and his patience

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thoughs on a Wednesday

1. I try really hard to keep my Sabbath day holy. It's something I do for my savior. This week i was again shown why i do this. I drove home Sunday, I took Legacy highway, they made me get off on a random exit because power lines had fallen. I had to wait at a  light for fifteen minutes looking at a lot of awesomeness. Including Jamba Juice during happy hour, Gex X's that i knew were having a great sale, and a McDonald's that's fries I knew would taste amazing. Why Sunday, why this day to want so many amazing things. I suppose it was a test! Oman I prayed, I prayed hard. I Succeeded as well! Yes I drove all the way home and didn't stop.

2. Two days later I needed diapers and wipes and only 5 dollars because embarrassing as it is Thomas didn't get a job this summer and you still have to pay bills and gas. I'm not sharing this to get sympathy but to share a story to others who might be experiencing a similar situation. (p.s. Thomas is going to get paid for some work he is doing for his dad). So i went to the store hoping for the best. And guess freaking what! I bought a jumbo pack (36 diapers and a small package of wipes) for $3.00! I used $2.00 off coupon but somehow a discount of $4.00 was added to my checkout. I guess i can just say I was being looked out for.

3. It's makes me sad to see others hurting. A lady gave a talk in church on Sunday. She said she used to pray for complete happiness and safely for her children. She then said after a couple years she stopped...... and started praying her children would be able to endure there trials and bruises well and complete. We all have to have trials, we all have to hurt. That's why it's so important to stay close to your God and the ones that love you.

4. I've learned a lot this summer. Most important a big dose of humility and patience. I've also learned that I couldn't be happier then where I am today. Wishing different things, places, times doesn't get you anywhere but down. Remembering what your grateful for and living today is what brings you up.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SuMMeR 2010

At the beginning on the summer Asher Turned 1 on July 16th! It was so much fun

We also went to Thomas family's cabin. Thomas and I went Fly Fishing on the Weber River and It was a blast

Asher Spent A lot of time in his really cute swing he got from his Great-Grandma Little

Thomas killed an Elk up the Fairview Canyon! I forgot the camera in the diaper bag at home so we dont have any picture :(

Then we journeyed to the UINTAS for our last family outing before school. We hiked 8 miles into our camp a couple days after the rest of our family, hours after we got back from hunting. It was dark and scary but we found our family with lots of prayers and faith. We hiked all day and visitied diffrent lakes and streams. Then hiked back out 8 miles, 3 days later. YES, We brought Asher and it was a blast. He loved every second of it. I was so glad to be HOME.......