Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rules - Go to you picture folder, open up the first folder, find the 10th picture and blog!

OMYGOODNESS!!! cutest picture ever! Thomas and his uncle russel are trying to feed Asher broccoli and he isn't so sure about it. I love this picture to pieces.

Asher is the most amazing little boy in the world and i love him like intense crazy

Saturday, May 22, 2010

NeW YorK CitY

At the end of finals week i got packed and headed to New York City with my sister-in-law maggie :D We had so much fun it was insane. We laughed, shopped, got lost (many times), went to the zoo, eat late night pizza, cried, saw wicked, got new hair cuts, saw the statue of liberty and just chilled with out favorite New Yorkers.
My favorite part however (and the reason we went) was to meet my sweet Piper girl! I cant even explain the swelling love in my heart of her and her amazing spirit (I'm practically crying as i write this post). I miss her like crazy and honestly wish i could visit her everyday. Her birthday was yesterday and i thought about her every second! (she turned 3). I love her and her courageous mother and father. They are all amazing and i couldn't ask for stronger, better people.
I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity. The trip was perfect but it was super great to come home and know i got a great break.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two amazing years :D

My husband Thomas is amazing :D He has taught me so many wonderful things. He is selfless, creative and sweet. He has taught me the importance of praying, scripture studying and paying tithe. Things that I knew where right were given so much more meaning. One of my favorite memories was going to Florida and cruising the Bahamas. It was an amazing trip. We also brought new life into the world. Asher Wallace Lyon, the most adorable, lovable, laughable little boy ever. So many say the first years of marriage are ruff, hard and a little bit miserable. Mine have been filled with love, forgiveness and laughter. I couldn't ask for more. I thank the lord for blessing me so.

Friday, May 14, 2010

LiFe aT thE LyonS

Gosh! Life has been insanly crazy

1 - School ended. I got a 4.0 and Thomas passed ALL his classes. They were HARD classes literally. I talking 3 classes over the summer and promise to not go to CRAZY

2 - I went to NYC! I met my sweet piper girl and cant stop thinking about her. I also saw wicked and spent time with my fav sister in law Maggie

3 - Phill and Deneigh are moving and we are really sad!

4 - Asher is strong, fast and hilarioues :D I'm exciting for this summer nd to start a blog