Friday, February 25, 2011

Asher's Kind of Style

So no need to call me bias because it's just plainly the truth. That I have the cutest little stink bug in the whole wide world. Today he decided to dress himself and these are the results. He loves his hat! He loves his swim trunks haha (although he doesn't like to swim). And the shirt! Well I made him put on that one! 
Isn't he just the cutest!!

Valentines Boutique

The Valentines Boutique in West Jordan was really fun. Anna, Stephanie and I all did really good and we have a ton of fun to.We had a tramendoues amount of support from family and freinds. All three of us got gift certificates to food places because we came in second for having the most people come support us. Not only did it make our booth succeful but it made us feel very loved! So Thanks you! We got invited to do a little dance fundraiser boutique in South Jordan  on March 4th but well see what happens. It's still up in the air. If anything it made us feel cool because we got invited.