Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas is such a special time of year! I love celebrating the birth of our Savior. I was so full on new emotions this year as trying to really feel the spirit of Christmas. It's hard to describe in words the powerful feeling I felt this year but it was amazing. I'm so grateful for Christmas and the wonderful things that come with celebrating it. 
Thomas, Asher and I went and cut down a tree from Strawberry Canyon up in Idaho by Preston. Together we climbed up the mountain and dragged it back down to our truck. Asher loved every second of the adventure and the tree was incredibly beautiful!

Then i fully enjoyed getting our Christmas box out and decorating our tree and home. I lighted and decorated our whole tree all by myself. I strung 1400 lights and Asher helped my put on the ornaments.

This is a baby sling, our really good friends have a business called baby wearing and gave me this sling. I love it because it's really easy to use. I delivered our neighbor gifts while carrying Asher at the same time, it was awesome 

Thomas a I went to Wal-mart a couple days after Christmas and I found this adorable candle warmer. It's super cute and I got it for $7.00!! That's a super awesome DEAL! 

My parents came and visited Christmas Eve. We loved having them and Asher loved his presents. We also went to eat Chinese at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Logan called Wok On Wheels. 

We spend Christmas at Thomas family's house and i forgot to take pictures but it was really fun. I got a shirt, a really cute decorating thingy and  EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED SANTA FOR!!!! VIVA LA JUICY COUTURE. Thomas totally surprised me and I was really really happy!! Thomas got some awesome stuff to and Asher loved his toys.

Amy Butler Messenger Bag

So during the Logan gift show i gave out my number to a few people who liked my things a lot. I had a lady call me and order a laptop bag with John Deere fabric. It was really fun but frustrating to make this bag. Frustrating becasue it was the first time i have made it and fun becasue i really enjoy sewing new things. So this is the finished product and the lady ended up loving the bag.