Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Incredible Years

May 17, 2011 means I have been married for three years. Being married is incredible because I married the most amazing guy. I feel blessed, I feel blessed, I feel very happy to be blessed. Thomas surprised me with a treat to Lava Hot Springs and it was really fun. I also got Tangled, roses and a full set of white tipped nails. I got super spoiled and loved every minute of it.

This picture is of our first date together. We got dressed up like nerds, got hand-cuffed and went bowling. Thomas even thinks I tried to hold his hand (haha) but we were hand-cuffed. How was I not suppose to touch his hand? Plus I thought he was really cute.....I couldn't help myself. At least we waited a month to kiss. I was pretty proud of that accomplishment!! I love this man, I can never get enough of him. Thanks for three awesome years sweetheart.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fabulously Friday

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, this picture of Asher tells it all. 

Yes, we ate double chocolate donuts on Tupperware, and drank milk out of a canning jar for breakfast. All while sitting on camping chairs. It must have been moving day. Asher loved it. We are extremely grateful and happy to be moving on.

Asher is the cutest little boy! I just cant get enough of him. His vocabulary is far and above, he can dress, eat, bath, get into the car and do a lot more things all by himself. He amazes every single person he meets. Yesterday we had a final get together for the mobile home park. When we are out eating with a huge group sometimes we don't say a prayer on the food. Asher on the other hand thought different. I put the pizza on his plate in front of him and started to eat mine. He gave me this look like Gosh mom, folded his arms and bowed his head. He took a quick glance at me and we said a prayer to bless the food. Can you say ADORABLE!
The last two weeks we lived in our trailer we got a bunny. His name was Rex. He was the most adorable bunny ever. If we could have kept him we would have because I seriously was in love. We sold him on KSL and will greatly miss him/or her?? Lol

So we moved to the Island. We have loved it so far and feel we will be really happy in our new place. It's right next to the river.  It's 2 bedrooms and has some sweet orange carpet. It's a lot smaller and noisier then our mobile home. We got spoiled for a long time :D :D  Thomas and Asher have already gone fishing multiple times and have caught some awesome fish. I honestly don't think Thomas could ever live somewhere that isn't right next to a river after living here for a year.

I PASSED STATISTICS!! Gosh it was an extremely challenging class to say the least. Pretty sure I cried on the phone with one of my favorite classmates when we found out we both passed the class with a C. I'm doing my practicum this summer, and talking one online class. In the fall I'll be taking two online classes, and then I'll be GRADUATED. Thomas will graduate in the Spring. A little over two full years of both going to school, having Asher, Thomas working, while managing to never take Asher to daycare has been completely insane. I'm so excited to get the little piece of paper that will proclaim with big awesomeness that I graduated from college. Yay! I get chills for excitement just thinking about being home all day with my sweet little Asher. Gosh I'm really excited!!