Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's been Great!

So we SOLD our mobile home. We got out of it what he put into it. It sold in less then 24 hours and we had a list of 7 people who each gave us their sod story. It was really awesome. It's kinda a big deal because we are free of any worrying that it would have brought to move it. Now we are just going to stay in Logan and finish school. Thomas got a job at the beginning of the week. He got the job on the spot. He is such a hard worker. I am so proud of him and that he is really good at everything he does. He is a security guard on campus and it really liking it. He has to wear a really cute outfit and I made him take a picture the first night he came home. 

 Asher is just the cutest little man you could ever possibly see. He has so much character and happiness it blows my mind some days. He has so many cute things he does and he has the kindest personality. He has a very large vocabulary and adds a few new words every day. It's just kinda crazy how fast they grow up and you just cant believe they are actually yours sometimes. He does this really cute thing were he is obsessed with socks on his hands and feet (his parents socks). He then loves Thomas shoes. He will also likes to wear my flower headband or his dad's hats around if he can get his cute little hands on it. Gosh he is a stinken cutie!!

So it's starting to get sunny and I love that. We play at the park a lot because Asher just loves it. He is a brave little guy and will go down the big slides hands first and climb really high bars and stuff. If anybody else is ever there they are like "wow, that kid is brave" It scares me sometimes but i'm always there to catch him if he falls and I really love that he is brave. I will always encourage him to go beyond what he thinks he can do. 

We are currently looking for an apartment in Logan. It's been a struggle and we have had some let downs. I have to try really hard not to take the letdowns personally. I'm going to take 2 classes online over the summer while doing my practicum. I'm going to to a private Aggie Village child activity club thing with a really good friend and I'm really excited about it. Then I will have one more class left in the fall and I will be graduating. Yay Go me. P.S. I WILL BE PASSING STATISTICS!!! I just wanted to let you all know!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So it's been just a little bit crazy lately. We currently have decided that we are going to sell our place "As is." We have prayed and fasted, and prayed and fasted some more and nothing has felt right and nothing has worked out right. The temptation to stay in Layton with our mobile home if we would move it there was to much. We bought this sucker to go to school, not to have the sucker move us away from school. So we are posting it on KSL Classifieds on Tuesday and we are hoping for the best. Maybe I'll even post the link if you are all just dieing to see our humble boat. We want to move somewhere crazy for the summer Alaska, Florda,California, Salt Lake (LOL) Something diffrent for a couple months so Thomas can come back to Logan and be able to survive another school year.

So our car engine light just desided that it would be nice and went off. It was literally a miricle, and just plain old amazing. I just loved General Conference. My favorite line was, "To be or not to be, That is a very extraordinary question." It also brings back the good saying to me :"Forget yourself and go to work," I defiantly have days where I feel so selfish. I just miss being young and care-free. But guess freaking what!! I wouldn't change Me, My life and My family for anything in this world. So I will forget myself and got to work as me a mother a wife and a nurture. It was so cute we watched conference as a family and it was just fun. Asher is growing up so fast. He is such an incredible little boy. My favorite things are 1) When he says "O man and OO NO" So So So dang cute. He just loved playing outside and will sit at the door begging to go outside. He can put his shirt, pants and sock on by himself. He will also take them off and put them into the dirty cloths at night. I say "Go put those in the dirty's" and he just loves it. He is getting so independent and someday it drives me absoutly nutts but I'm always reminding myself that the 2's are all about gaining independence and it what he needs.