Saturday, July 9, 2011

FCS Summer Practicum

So this summer I have been completing my FCS Practicum. I have been teaching 7 weekly classes and it's been a lot of hard work (25-30 hours/ week) but one of the funnest things I have ever done.  All classes I taught were on campus and free to students and their families. The most time consuming and most rewarding class I taught was PLAY which stands for Physical development in the Learning environment with Active involvement for Your kids (the children were ages 4-8 years). We taught it for two hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My great friend Stephanie and I organized and did everything for the class. The last day was Friday. I can't even express in words how much I learned to love the children that were in our class. One of the most amazing things was almost all of them were children from different countries.We had one cute little student that didn't even speak English and it was really amazing to learn so much from him.

There was defiantly some big challenges like budget, kids acting out, attitudes, breaking rules and time consumption but it was crazy fun and I just absolutely loved ever minute of it.  We had 20 kids between Stephanie and I and some days it was crazy. It was also crazy how Stephanie and I worked together, it was almost like we were sisters just being able to work together so well. I will miss seeing her often and I'm so grateful I got to spend the time with her. We also teach two classes Tuesday called Better Homes and Families, one Wednesday that is sewing and on Friday that is cooking. It's nice because Asher can come to all of them and plays in the playroom next to the classroom with all of the other kids. He is usually a very big sweetheart and impresses everybody. I will still be teaching some of those classes throughout August but I have got a lot of my hours in so far. This week I'm tending a little girl for a friend and will be able to use the hours that are used doing developmentally appropriate activity's towards my practicum which is SO incredible! Plus the little girl is the cutest/sweetest thing that I ever did meet.

(pictures by Stephanie Hyde)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fishing

 Wikipedia - Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. 
The definition couldn't be more accurate. My boys LOVE to fish. When I say love, I mean love! 

Asher's first word was "mom," and his second was "fish"!!  He is defiantly his daddy's little boy

For family night a couple weeks ago we went to Mantua and went fishing/camping. It was really fun and I loved spending the time with my boys.

So Thomas put together this fishing activity for Perry City's 100 year anniversary.  Thomas was so creative and worked so many hours putting together everything. The crowds were expected to be big but they were not. The guy who we bought the fish from was also a couple hours late, so we also lost some time. It just broke my heart into a million pieces when everything pretty much went into the toilet and we ended up losing money. I was to sad to be mad and just tried to comfort my sad husband. We will recover and yes money is very important in life but I think the biggest lesson I learned is that it's NOT the most important thing and I'm proud of us for being so adventurous. 

That night while everybody was cleaning the many left over fish, 500 to be exact!  Asher and I where at Thomas parents house going to bed. Asher and I were  saying good night prayers when in the middle Asher says all by himself.....

"Grandpa," So I then said, "please bless grandpa,
then he said "Grandma" and I said "yes please bless Grandma"
then he said "Aunt maggie" Then I said " yes please bless Maggie.
He then went on to say "daddy and last mommy." I almost burst into tears. He could tell we were all in need of some extra prayers and he blessed us all. Sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with how incredible my little boy is!!!!!

 Asher caught this little fish and yes I did let him kiss it. I'm such a great mom. All the other mom's thought so to when I let him take it onto the park to slide down the slide. (haha)

Asher is also turning into a big boy and can go "pee pee" on the big boy potty. He loves the freedom and I don't even need to use treats by the sink. It's really nice because the kid doesn't need any sugar!!!!!  It just blows my mind that he can do it. I guess it's one of those "Ogosh my kid's growing up moment"

This cute little man caught the biggest fish in the pool and got goldfish crackers as a prize. Thank you so much Kurt and family. Your support was amazing. We also had some of Thomas neighbors show us lots of love and support as well. Thanks!