Friday, February 24, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gonna Get Over You

K! So this song is awesome! At the very end it has some random girl singing off-key in the middle of some random store isle. I think Sara Bareilles has started a new trend because I totally have done the same thing in Macy's the other day, it was totally a blast. My good friend Megan thought I was nuts. To bad I didn't get kicked out like the girl in the music video! That would have been wicked AWESOME!! 

P.S. I'm still madly in LOVE with my sweetheart! I just think the song is good

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Gosh, some days I honestly miss Facebook. I didn't blog about my departing with it because for some reason writing about it to the whole world before didn't work the first time, so I decided to personally make the goal and then blog after I reached it. I have been Facebook free for over 2 months and my profile is actually totally deleted. I can't actually reactivate it even if I wanted to. Did you know that my spell check has me capitalize Facebook. That kind of gets to me.

Let's just say I was addicted. My mother has always told me to much of anything is not good for you. It was honestly taking away to much of my time and I honestly couldn't do it in moderation, like I had tried many many times. I was looking at people's profiles daily that I didn't even know. I took a second and looked at what I was doing and said holy smoking I am actually stalking people. I'm wasting my day stalking people. These special years in my life are worth way more then that and if I couldn't just have it be a casual thing that I was just going to get rid of it all together.

But.. some days I miss being able to go Facebook stock people that I love and miss. I miss looking at their updated pictures and wall posts trying to figure out how they are doing. I don't like being that last one to know all the juicy details or just not actually knowing any. But to me personally it's what needed to happen and I find myself a better person. Plus all of the people that are honestly a part of my life are all people who have numbers in my cell phone.