Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 6 - A photo of my as a child

So I haven't posted Day 6 for awhile because I didn't have any pictures of me when I was little. But I have some super darling pictures that a good friend of mine Stephanie took of Asher so I decided to post those instead cas he is super adorable. Asher was full of enormous amounts of energy and was really a little stinker bug and Stephanie was incredible. Thank you Stephanie they are so incredibly adorable! ! B.T.W she does have a photography buisness and she is really amazing if anybody needs pictures taken. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

To Complain or not to Complain!

I'm going to complain
- My laptop screen light broke! I'm not sure how much that's going to cost to get fixed!!
- My car engine light is on.We took it to Big O tires and they said it's really big problem and we have to take it to a special shop in Smithfield. I wonder how much that will cost?
- Asher's poop was all over the walls and his bed this morning when I got him out of bed. It sure was fun cleaning up.
-Taxes - UGG need I say more
- It's miserable outside - I know it's suppose to be that way but Asher and I really hate spending all our days inside and we cant wait to have it be warm. 

-My Aunt Brenda was incredibale and gave us her old computer a few months ago and so we arn't computerless! Thank goodness!!
- We have Thomas truck, just in case our car is toast.
- We have a lot space for our mobile home to move to in May and we just absolutely love it!! (a.k.a that is really great news for us)
- School is being nice to me this week and i'm very greatful
- O ya, last Monday I drew 17 pictures in my interior furnishing and architecture class all in one night! It was pretty fabulous!
- Spring is almost here!! YAY

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 5 - My last purchase

This was my shopping trip today - I am COUPON OBSESSED!! 

Huggie's Diapers - Regular $8.99 (With coupons $6.50) Saved $2.50
Herbal Essences Moose - Regular $2.80 With coupon (Buy one get one free) Saved $2.80
Toilet paper - 4 rolls for $0.88


I saved $5.30 Whole buckero's

The wonderful opportunity to be a mommy - PRICELESS!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 4 - A plan almost completed

I AM GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE FALL 2011!!! With a bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences from Utah State University. BOYA CHICA BOW WBOW!!

Day 3 - Pictures of Me 5 Years Ago

So if I do the calculations correct 5 years ago was the year March 2007. I would have been a senior in High School. Wow, that really makes me feel kinda super old!! That's ok it's awesome to think about how much I have accomplished in the last 5 years. So here are some picture of be being a senior in high school, thanks to stealing some pictures off of facebook. My computer crashed a few years ago and I lost all my pictures.

Yay for Social dance!!

Oregon Choir trip - LOVED IT!!


Senior Dinner Dance with my girls :D 

The day I graduated - Dang I cant even believe I was in high school once upon a time ago

Fruit Pizza

So a friend of mine asked me to post this recipe because it's amazing. She is also amazing and I admire her greatly, so I  had to post it.

The recipe comes out of the most amazing cooking book ever given to me by my Grandma Lyon. It's called What's for Dinner by: Jana Schofield I would defiantly recommend it to anyone. First you make the crust which is a simple sugar cookie recipe:

1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup shortening
1 1/4 cups sugas
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 tablespoons of sour cream
2 1/4 cups flour 
1 teasoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

I usually keep the cookie dough in the bowl and put it into the freezer for 20 min so it can get firm. Grease your pan and pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees

Roll the cookie dough to fit a large pizza pan or cookie sheet. DONT use a small one unless you split up the dough, it wont cook the middle. The cookie dough should be spread out a little thin but not super thin. Bake at 375 degrees of 10 - 12 mins or untill slightly brown. Then you will need

8 oz cream cheese
1 cup powdered sugar 
And any kind of fruit you want

I love to use strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, blueberries, bananas. You can also use apples, grapes. You can also put chocolate syrup on top if your feeling awesome.

Beat the cream cheese and powdered sugar and spread on the crust. Then add your fruit!!! It's an amazing treat and EVERYBODY loves it :D :D :D

Day 2 - Nicknames

So when I was little one of my very best friends called me mango dango pants, I called her spunky money. Together we made new e-mail address and then started making code names for people we had crushes on. Only Lanaya would know who fruit punch and monkey wee wee are (ha-ha ok maybe others might know too). Lol, apparently spunky monkey means something bad and mango dango pants is just kinda weird - they didn't last long. Being young was awesome. 

My dad had this cute thing about giving the one's he loves nicknames. I was awarded the nickname "Me". I think it's a pretty cool nickname. A lot of close friends call me Mel. Thomas has this thing about nicknames. He is very proper and polite and likes full names. I think it's pretty dang cute, if anybody ever wondered why I don't call him Tom or something. There are still a select few who he doesn't correct when they call him Tom. I sure love the name Asher, I'm still hoping it doesn't get to crazy popular but I have heard a lot of Asher's lately. O well if there are 4 cute little Asher's in his first grade class I will think it's all extremely awesome because it's an awesome name. Plus our last name is Lyon and no other kids are going to have that awesome last name. We don't really like people to call him Ash but we still have a select few who we give the special privilege to.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

15 Facts

1. I was Born in Chandler, Arizona.
2. I was adopted at age two with my biological sister Laura. I love my adoptive family like mad crazy.
3. One time in 9th grade seminary around Thanksgiving I drew four legs on my turkey. Then when I was a senior a very close friend gave me a plaque with a news article about a four legged turkey. She had written on the plaque it said, "Nothing is impossible, if you put your mind to it."
4. I've had bunion surgery twice. The first time on one foot, the second time on both feet. I was a senior and walked around with two huge boots for a couple months.
5. I wore glasses until I was a junior in high school because my eyes were so outrageous and my contacts were very expensive, then i got lasik surgery a couple months before I got married (thank you wonderful parents for spoiling me).
6. I got married when I was 18 years old to the most wonderful husband ever.
7. When I was 9 months pregnant I pushed around all of the furniture in our grandma's basement bedroom four times and then back to it's original placing. I know now it's because I had no where to nest.
8. I love am obsessed with shopping.
9. I love to watch American Idol and ANTM.
10. I absolutely hate painted brick. I love colonial revival red brick homes with huge white columns
11. I have naturally curly hair
12. Someday I want to build a house with my family or refurbish a really cool old home. (maybe both)
13. I have the cutest little boy in the world, who is now 19 months. I cant help myself but I check on him at least 3 times every night after he goes to sleep.
14. I plan on meeting Taylor Swift in person with my sister someday
15. I am naturally a very messy person. I love to not do dishes, leave my cloths everywhere and eat while I'm watching television. However it's one of the most important goals in my life to be able to have a clean home to which my family and friends can feel very comfortable in because a clean home does have a stronger spirit. I don't mean freakish clean just clean.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thoughts about school!!

So School has been a big trail for me this semester. First of all I plain old hate being away from home. I want to be home all day with my sweet little boy-like mad crazy! I am so blessed too be able to get my degree. I wont get paid in dollars to use it but what I've learned is so critical. I've learned that there is nothing more amazing then to be at home with my children. I use to be so scared that when I was done I wouldn't know what to do with myself because since pre-school I haven't missed one year of school. That's a lot of school!! It's so amazing to think about just being home. 

Second my classes are both challenging and overwhelming. All classes are 1 hour and 45 mins so I get drained with 3 in a row and one the next day. Well Statistics just isn't my thing. I give it my honest full effort everyday and that's all I can do. I'll pass that darn class!! I'm praying I'll pass that dare class!! Interior Furnishing and Architecture design is so overwhelming. There is so much memorizing it seriously makes my brain hurt everyday. Not only that but I have to sketch pictures!! I can draw hearts, stars and my name. What the heck, I cant draw extremely detailed buildings. It's a beginning class and I'm glad I'm not an art major. So I guess it's only two classes that are pretty hard, so I guess I have to spot complaining now. I'm grateful for Pre-practicum skills because it's freaking easy - almost to easy. I'm almost done with this awesome school thing!! I graduate FALL 2011 and my last 3 classes are all on line ( I love online classes!!)  Man I'm so blessed to be able to finish my degree! I'm so spoiled. Seriously, the only reason I complained on my blog is because I try extremely hard not to complain to my hubby!! To have a husband that will sacrifice his time, school and patience is more then I deserve but he does it anyways because he knows how much it means to me :D :D