Monday, September 19, 2011

To the Day!

To the big truck that cut me off and almost hit me - at least you didn't hit me
To the lunch that spilt all over the floor - at least I still have other food to eat
To my kid that can't sit through a hour in the craft store - I love you like mad crazy and I'll still keep trying
To the husband that lost his car keys - at least I have a spare
To the broken window - at least I have a landlord that is happy to come fix you.
To the bloody cramps that make me not want to do anything - at least my body is working
To the little boy that wont take a nap - at least your in your room quietly playing
To all the bills we have to pay - at least we have money to pay you.
To the day that kinda felt crappy - I love you even though you were kinda crappy

Hey It's only 2:00! I still have half of a day to be happy about !!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Years Old

My little guy turned two years old over the summer. He had a wonderful birthday at his grandma's house with his cousins and just loved every second of it. It's so amazing how much he has grown in just one year. I just love ever second I get to spend with my precious little guy. We took him to the doctor in August and it went great.

One Year Ago :D 

 Two Years Old :D

55% for weight
90% height
93% for head.

I guess you could say he is tall and had a big head. It would be so funny if he outgrew his parents pretty quietly because frankly we are both pretty short human beings.

I wrote a letter to him. My goal is to write him a letter every year and if he chooses to serve a mission or maybe if he chooses to get married I'm going to retype them all up and give them to him for a present. I wrote the letter in my journal and on this blog just in case something happens  I can have a back  up.

Dear Asher
You just turned two. You have grown so much this year. I love your personality so much. You know how to pray and use your manners very well. You get pretty scared when I put you in time out, so for a large majority of the time you do exactly what I ask of you. Your dad taught you the sad face and it gets me every time. You already know how to get your mommy. You just got a big boy bed and love it like mad crazy. I thought you were going to have a hard time adjusting but it was like you had been sleeping in it for weeks. I made you cartoon curtains for you window and you really like those to. Your vocabulary is getting gigantic and your amazing at repeating anything you hear. You know how to blow your nose and I'm so thankful during the runny nose season. You are crazy smart and amaze me everyday. You already love to build, take apart and fix things. You are always trying to put things in the microwave and toaster over and it drives me nuts. You have enormous amounts of energy and I can never get enough of it. Your really tall and have beautiful blue eyes just like your daddy. You are always sticking  your hands in you pants and that drives me insane. You better grow out of that one, or else!! I love you so much little man. Those first few months were really hard for me and you pay if off a million to one. You love your daddy and love to fish and watch movies with him. You call nemo, elmo and wont let anybody tell you different. haha. You make everyday wonderful. You are going to grow up to be a wonderful young man and someday an incredible big brother. I can just tell you are going to be sweet and gentle by the way you treat other little kids. I will always try my best to be an incredible mother because you deserve the absolute best. You have a strong testimony and I can already see it though you heart and actions. I love you baby Asher!! Love, Mommy

Monday, September 12, 2011

Craft/ Wedding Present

I made this wedding present today and I think it turned out super cute :D